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I am going to need a whole new wall to put my drawings up on soon. The other walls in my bedroom are nearly completely covered

“Untitled”, 1969, Mark Rothko.


Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art | Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives  | Frederic Edwin Church  | 1870


Irving Ramsay Wiles, The Sonata, 1889

Use these details for a slow looking exercise! This is a great example of a piece you could be looking at on Slow Art Day!

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Andrew Moore - Russia, 2000-2004

  • Room 348, Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
  • Restoration Room, St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts

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Happy birthday, Vincent van Gogh! The genius was born on this day in 1853. Here are a few interesting facts about his life you might already know or could be interested to find out:
1. Van Gogh did not begin painting until his late twenties, completing many of his best-known works during the last two years of his life.
2. Vincent’s earliest career aspiration was to be a pastor in the Dutch Reformed Church like his father.
3. There is some evidence that Van Gogh nibbled at his paints, and the eating of paints is possibly connected with his seizure around New Year 1890. In January 1890, after another one of Vincent’s seizures, Theo wrote to him saying "if you know that it is dangerous for you to have colours near you, why don’t you clear them away for a time, and make drawings?"
4. Van Gogh signed his paintings simply "Vincent", not “Vincent van Gogh” nor “Van Gogh”. In a letter to his brother Theo, written on 24 March 1888, he said that “in the future my name ought to be put in the catalogue as I sign it on the canvas, namely Vincent and not Van Gogh, for the simple reason that they do not know how to pronounce the latter name here.” (“Here” being Arles, in the south of France)If you’ve wondered how you pronounce Van Gogh, remember it’s a Dutch surname, not French or English. So the “Gogh” is pronounced so it rhymes with the the Scottish “loch”. It’s not “goff” nor “go”. 
5. When van Gogh died, his work was known to only a handful of people and appreciated by fewer still. He only sold one painting during his lifetime.
6. Vincent is believed to have shot himself in a wheatfield in Auvers, France, although no gun was ever found. He did not die until 2 days later at the age of 37. 
7. Vincent’s brother Theo died six months after Vincent and is buried next to him in Auvers, France.
8. Theor’s wife collected Vincent’s paintings and letters after his death and dedicated herself to getting his work the recognition it deserved.
Painting:Vincent van GoghFishing in Spring, the Pont de Clichy, 1887, oil on canvas, 50.5 × 60 cm, Art Institute of Chicago. 


Jim Hodges at the Walker Art Center

Untitled (one day it all comes true), 2013

denim fabric, thread

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The Monet room in the Musee de L’Orangerie - one of the most hauntingly tranquil places on earth.

New Vincent Van Gogh painting discovered
The New York Times: Amsterdam’s Van Gogh museum has unveiled a newly-discovered painting by the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, the first major canvas of the artist’s work that has been found since 1928.
The work, titled ‘Sunset at Montmajour,’ was painted in Arles in 1888 during a period that is considered to be the height of Van Gogh’s career.
Photo: Axel Ruger, left, director of the Van Gogh Museum, and Louis van Tilborgh, right, a senior researcher, unveil ‘Sunset at Montmajour’ (Peter Dejong/Associated Press)

Musée du Louvre, Paris, 2005

Photo by Candida Höfer

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