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"Hemingway and James Joyce were drinking buddies in Paris. Joyce was thin and bespectacled; Hemingway was tall and strapping. When they went out Joyce would get drunk, pick a fight with a bigger guy in the bar and then hide behind Hemingway and yell, “Deal with him, Hemingway. Deal with him.”"



Between this and the story about him reassuring F. Scott Fitzgerald re dick size, I’m developing a picture of Hemingway as the mother hen of the disaffected white male literary set of the early 20th century.

He probably called up Steinbeck sometimes and was like I CAN’T EVEN WITH THESE DIPSHITS and Steinbeck was all “That’s what you get for living in Paris, asshole”.

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Scarlett Johansson in WSJ Magazine*Dressed

Cosmo as Arthur in Beginners

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"Have you ever seen a picture of yourself, taken when you didn’t know you were being photographed, from an angle that you don’t usually see when you look in a mirror, and you think: "That’s me… that’s also me”
Stoker (2013)Chan-wook Park

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"She stuck a bookmark in my heart and walked away."

- Saul Williams

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The cast of The Outsiders, 1983.

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Audrey Hepburn outside Rome, picking grapes on her farm in 1955

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“Untitled”, 1969, Mark Rothko.

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Hair at Dolce & Gabbana ss13 at Milan Fashion week

"I think that one of these days you’re going to have to find out where you want to go. And then you’ve got to start going there."

- J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

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